[SB203] Capturing Opportunities

At Youth Co:Lab, we believe that democratising opportunities and resources is important for leveling the playing field, expanding participation in inclusive entrepreneurship, and scaling the networks of social and financial capital that provide the foundation for a successful business. Applying for various opportunities can:

  1. Provide Validation of Your Business

Being in the competitive marketplace is proof that your business has sufficient demand. The process of writing applications keeps you on your toes and compels you to think ahead.

  1. Accelerate the Growth of Your Initiative

The networking, funding and mentorship resources that you can gain access to through various opportunities may pay dividends when you’re attempting to scale up. When faced with a competitive selection process, you are forced to step out of your comfort zone to stay ahead of the game. This entails taking a close look at your services and products, and finding out-of-the-box solutions to outstrip the competition.

  1. Allow You To Learn From Others’ Mistakes

Closely following the competition will throw up a lot of information on how to function and operate in a better way. It acts like a yardstick to measure your own achievements and performance. This is valuable learning for growing startups.  

Learn More About Our Knowledge Partner: Yaqi Chu (Aggie) is one of the Startup Support Coordinators at Youth Co:Lab. She has a background in social innovation and leadership education with a focus on youth. She is currently supporting young social entrepreneurs in the Springboard Programme by curating an extensive range of global opportunities and providing tools and services to equip young founders. She previously worked as a project coordinator on strategic planning, partnership and new media marketing for two years at Urban Youth Academy, an NGO running multiple programmes across Asia and the Pacific region to actively engage youth in localised Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) initiatives. In her spare time, she facilitated youth leadership camps for students, aiming to embed leadership and social innovation into the current traditional secondary education systems in China. She is passionate about volunteering in communities and has supported various youth organisations on communication, marketing and content creation.

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