[SB207] Impact Values

Fair business is good business. Let’s understand the importance of addressing integrity and good governance practices together as part of the business model. Use this this module to learn about the relationship between trust, integrity and achieving impact and better business results.

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FairBiz is the UNDP’s programme for Promoting a Fair Business Environment in ASEAN, funded by the UK Government. We believe that countries can only achieve their full socio-economic potential if there’s a governance environment that enables all businesses to flourish, fairly and with integrity. We bring together stakeholders from government, the private sector and CSOs in ASEAN to co-create that environment, supported by technical expertise and other resources. Learn more about FairBiz here.

Doing Business With Integrity

What is Fair Business?
Why doing Fair Business is important?
Simple Template - Committing on doing business with integrity
Calibrating and communicating your moral compass
Further Reading and Resources
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