Course: Movers Fellowship Programme


Movers Fellowship Programme

Session 3 - Submission of Capstone Project 1 (Phase - Movers Fellows Facilitator)


Session 7 - Submission of Capstone Project 2 (Phase - Movers Fellows Mentor))


Session 10 - Introduction to Green Jobs


Session 10 - Week 3 - Submission of Capstone Project 3 (Phase - Movers Fellows Community Builder))


Session 11 - Digital Branding and Employability (Level 1)


Session 11 - Well-being for Changemakers (Level 1)


Session 12 -Submission - Individual Project (Leadership Track)


Session 12 - Submission Individual Project (YECAP Track)


- End of Course



Text lesson

Plan Your Next Movers Workshop – Leadership in Action Level 1


To plan your 4th workshop, follow the steps below:

1. Gather your team online.

2. Agree on a day or time for you to meet and plan your 3rd workshop.

3. Complete the Movers Workshop Checklist to get ready:

β—‹ Which workshop will you facilitate?

β—‹ Date & time of the workshop? Online or offline?

β—‹ Who are the facilitators & supporting organisation(s)?

β—‹ Which language will you use?

β—‹ Who are your target participants & expected number?

β—‹ How will you promote your Movers Workshop? (if necessary)

4. VERY IMPORTANT! Follow this guide – get started with our Organising Workshops Guide & Facilitation Guide.How to Organize your first Movers Workshop?

5. Once you’ve finalized your plan, coordinate it with your mentor and our team, for extra support.

● Ask for tips to more experienced Movers in the Facebook Group.

● Use our various templates (visuals, emails, forms) to make your life easier.

● Submit your workshop on the Movers Calendar (password: submissionmovers)

● Recruit participants and send pre-workshop emails.

● Conduct your first Movers Workshop before December 29, 2023 and HAVE FUN!

● Send the post-workshop emails and share the list of participants with us.

● Share your group picture with the Movers Community

● Once you facilitated 3 workshops, reflect on your experience and request your

Mover Facilitator Certificate by taking the LEVEL UP Survey!

● Learn new skills and make new friends across the region!

The resources that you will use in conducting your second workshop are all attached as file below, namely:

* Leadership in Action Level 1

* Email Templates

* Communication resources

* Workshop tracker (please a copy for your group)

* Other resources for learning

Whenever you’re unsure of anything, you can go back to the Welcome Kit or reach out to us! πŸ™‚


Best of luck!Follow these steps 

Registration Form – Leadership in Action Level 1

Lesson materials

Email Templates - Leadership in Action 10 kb Download
Leadership Resources 232 kb Download
[Online] Movers Workshop_ Leadership in Action (2h) (1) 5 mb Download
Movers Workshop_ Leadership in Action (online) - Session Note (1) 350 kb Download
Social Media Visuals Templates [Square] (1) 12 mb Download
[In-Person] Movers Workshop_ Leadership in Action (2h) (2) 5 mb Download