Course: Youth Social Innovation Lab (YSIL) 2023
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Module Session Date
1 Building my Identity as a Business
  • Who we are, What we Value, and Where are we going?
  • Sustainable Development and the Value Chain
10 November [Fri]
  • Managing Human Resource: My Team
  • Business Integrity and Legal Matters (Organizational Component)
11 November [Sat]
2 Design Thinking
  • Setting the Stage: Mindsets in Human Centered Design
  • Ideation Phase (Synthesis)
24 November [Fri]
  • Ideation Phase (Prototyping and Testing)
  • Implementation Phase
25 November [Sat]
3 Understanding Customer-Centric Marketing, Streamlined Operations and Digital Transformation
  • Deep dive on the Business Model Canvas
  • Value Chain deep dive
8 December [Fri]
  • Analyzing the Marketing Environment
  • Market Segmentation and Targeting
15 December [Fri]
  • The 4P’s of Marketing and Operation Framework
  • Digital Transformation and How to Create your Pitch
16 December [Sat]
4 The Finance Function
  • The Sevent Tenets of Finance, Taxation, and Compliance Management
  • Understanding your Financial Statements and Capturing Revenue Streams and Business Models
12 January [Fri]
  • Product/Service Costing and Pricing, Impact Management and Measurement, Data-Driven Results
  • Foresighting and Risk-Management, Unlocking Funds: Crowdfunding and Sustainable Financing
13 January [Sat]