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Springboard ELEVATE - A 3-month virtual fellowship programme that convenes a network of social entrepreneurs who lead impact projects improving the lives of marginalised communities to learn, co-create and together advocate for an inclusive entrepreneurship ecosystem.
This course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the 3 types of financial statements, with practical examples. If you are looking for in...
5 Lectures
Throughout this course, you will explore: The importance of financial accounting and recording practices for social enterprises. How to overcome re...
6 Lectures
1 Hour
For Founders
2 hours
Break-even analysis is a fundamental tool in business that helps you determine the point at which your revenue equals your costs, resulting in neit...
5 Lectures
2 hours
Welcome to the Springboard Elevate Programme 2023! The 3-month online fellowship is dedicated to young social entrepreneurs who lead impact initiat...
26 Lectures